This Week Is At… and an update!

This week is at Bethel. If it’s nice, we should DEFINITELY head outside this time – the basement gets pretty stuffy.

Tara posted a comment in last week’s update, but I’m reposting it here so that you can all see her good news:

Hi all!

I just wanted to give you all some news. So, I’ve been looking for a new job for a looooonnnnnnnggggg time, but really in earnest since January, as most of you know. My hard work has finally paid off! I have been offered and have accepted a position with the Salvation Army Ethics Centre as an Admin/Research Assistant!!! I tendered my resignation letter today and my last day with the WSO will be the 17th! I think my director was ready to cry!!!

I think that I will have a great weekend!! I hope that all of you do too!



See you Thursday!



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