This Week Is At…

Sandy’s park! Last time it was too cold to be awesome, so we’re trying again. Sandy lives on Burnell Street just north of St Matthews. Her house is the one with the blue door, and this time it’s DEFINITELY available for bathroom breaks. The weather is supposed to be okay on Thursday, so hopefully we can still have fun! (See the post from a few weeks ago for the map, if you need it.

(In case anyone is confused, Bethel is booked this week so we’ll be two outside weeks in a row. We’ll get back to our every-other-week schedule at Bethel next week.)

One other note: if anyone has ideas for places we can go, feel free to send them in as comments or emails. If you have a great park by your place, or know a fun kid spot, I’d love to hear about it – I don’t know all the hotspots. I’m thinking we should go to the zoo one week, and the Children’s Museum once it reopens, plus the splash parks once it’s hot. Any other thoughts?



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