This Week is at…

Assiniboine park!

This is not the only time we’ll be meeting here this summer. The new play structure is slated to open May 19th and you can bet we’ll be there to give it a trial run. This week, I thought we could meet beside the parking lot north of the Conservatory and then do a stroll around the park. If it’s too chilly for our small people we can head into the conservatory and get an early dose of green and growing things. Also, it’s no biggie if we split into two groups – those of us with toddlers can probably handle a bit more outside play than brand-new people. Bring your small person transportation device of choice – stroller, baby carrier, or wagon – and we’ll see you there!



4 thoughts on “This Week is at…

  1. We were at the Conservatory on Saturday with our kids. It was great in there, just to wander around and look at the plants and imagine the jungle animals we might see. Definitely worth a few minutes. And it’s free!

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