How To Be A Great Guest To A New Mom

In my usual perusal of the internet I came across this great guide to visiting new moms. I personally had only good experiences with visitors postpartum but I have heard horror stories – how to take care of new moms is definitely something to spread around.



One thought on “How To Be A Great Guest To A New Mom

  1. What a fabulous article!

    We had mostly great experiences too, but we were also pretty specific about what we wanted/needed. The email ‘announcement’ to let friends + family know that B had arrived stated that no one was allowed to come to the hospital (other than a handful of special people who we’d talked to ahead of time) and that we wanted a few days at home to get used to being a family before anyone else came to meet her. We also asked people to call or email to set up a time to stop by.

    I was a little bit scared to make demands like we did, but it was AWESOME. Pretty much everyone was very respectful about it – and I even got a handful of GOOD FOR YOU emails from some moms I knew. If anyone was upset, they must have bitched about it behind my back because I never heard a thing… hehe.

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