Wrap-Up: That’s a Wrap

Wow. Can you believe that we’ve come to the end of our winter session already? I feel like it flew past!

This Thursday we ate a delicious brunch while we reminisced over the past sessions and shared our plans for the summer and beyond. Megan led a great devotional about how much MOMs has meant to her, saying that according to the definition in the book Life After Church, church is made up of worship, community, and mission, and by that definition our group has become church for her. She asked us to share how MOMs has influenced us, and the conversation that followed was powerful stuff. (If you weren’t there or didn’t get a chance to share, feel free to do so in the comments.)

Sara and Tara are both going back to work so they won’t be back with us in the fall – we’ll definitely miss you both. (If I missed someone, please say so!)

I’ve arranged for us to have the lower lounge on alternating Thursdays through the summer, and we can meet up at parks or other kid-friendly places as well during our usual time – stay tuned for more thorough info on that.

Thanks everyone for coming out this year and making Morning Out for Moms a truly fabulous group – we’re looking forward to seeing you through the summer and in the fall!



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