But Wait! There’s More!

Just when you thought MOMs was abandoning you… when you looked at your calendar and contemplated making a paper countdown chain till September… when you thought all hope was gone…


We won’t have childcare, snacks, or programs, but we’ll still be meeting up at the same time on Thursdays. The Lower Lounge is booked for the first and third Thursdays of every month starting April 21 (except for June – then it’s second and fourth Thursdays). For those weeks, we’ll bring toys in from the rooms for our kids to play with, and we’ll make tea and coffee. You are responsible for your kids (sorry!) and any snacks you want. For the other weeks, we’ll meet up elsewhere – parks, the zoo, the children’s museum, the Forks… we’ll try to bounce around the city so that we accomodate everyone as best we can.

The location announcement will go up every Monday, life permitting. I am taking charge of orchestrating our meetups and I am more than willing to take suggestions – if you have a great park in your neighbourhood, or if you know a fun kid-friendly hangout, send them to am.sawatzky AT gmail DOT com, or leave them in the comments. (YAY COMMENTS.)

So check back on Monday to see where we’ll be meeting up!


p.s. Next week is a park/outing week, but the parks around me are still ice/snow/mud covered. Does anyone know of already-melted parks or have another great idea? I promised to coordinate, but I never said I had all the insider’s info…


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