An Author’s Daughter Among Us

This week is SUPER exciting for my family… Friday marks the official launch of my mom’s book, called More than Enough.

It’s a book about her journey through breast cancer and it’s super relevant for anyone going through breast cancer and the people who love and support them (or anyone who’s been there and done that) – and anyone who enjoys a real, honest survival story with a happy ending.

Oh, and an extra cool bonus? My mom included a bunch of my blog posts as a daughter’s perspective on breast cancer. You’ll also read more than just a little bit about my daughter Briony and my niece Chloe. I found out I was pregnant on the very same day that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my sister and I gave birth to baby girls 11 days apart – right in between my mom’s chemo and radiation treatments – so the babies are understandably a major part of the story and my mom’s fight to survive and become a grandma.

You are all invited to attend the official book launch this Friday at 7 pm in Niverville (contact me for full details). Or pick up your own copy of the book! It’s available now online through Chapters, Amazon, and McNally Robinson or at Christian bookstores throughout Canada – but the best way to buy it is in person (again, talk to me!) or directly through my mom’s website at $1 from every book that is purchased directly will be donated to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.


– Lindsay

We want to know about what’s going in your lives… If you have an event, a fundraiser, a charity project, or anything else you’d like to share with our group, send an email with the details to Lindsay or Annemarie and we’ll be sure to add it to this site!


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