Wrap-Up: Bulletproof Positive Attitude

Today we had an inspiring session with Kal Barteski, who is an artist, a mom, and an “online journaler” (although blogs are totally cool, fyi). We opened with a devotional from Gina that launched a pretty emotional discussion about forgiveness and how to actually DO it.

Kal is a local artist who does a fair bit of graphic design but is primarily a painter. She really does have a bulletproof positive attitude that she’s cultivated in conjunction with her art since she was a little girl – she started doing graphic design after high school without letting anyone tell her she couldn’t, and she painted once a week for over two hundred weeks, finally publishing all the paintings in to a gorgeous book that Gina brought for us to look at. I did a bit of research and the only place I could find it for sale was on amazon.com – follow this link to find the listing. (The library didn’t list it either – lame.)

She emphasized that it’s essential for moms to continue to nurture our creativity even though life is crazy and finding time for ourselves is challenging. To be the best moms we can be we also need to be creatively fulfilled. But it’s also important to remember that we don’t have to do everything right now, because there’s lots more time once our kids are lower maintenance.

If you want more Kal, her blog (and shop!) can be found here.

For the Elizabeth Gilbert talk at TED (a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading – if you don’t know about TED talks, they are DEFINITELY worth a naptime browse or two!) click here. I haven’t even read her books but I love this talk.

How do you nurture your creativity and/or a positive attitude? Comment away!



5 thoughts on “Wrap-Up: Bulletproof Positive Attitude

  1. I love the idea of spending one “after-bedtime” evening a week doing something creative! I need to try this! Anyone want to be my accountability partner? (someone who’s going to try to do this too, of course!)

  2. I missed the session (so disappointed) but that sounds like a great idea! Today I spent 10 minutes (that’s all I got before the kids woke up from nap) sightreading some Bach…ahhhh…good for the soul. Mental note: must do more of this.

    I’d love to hear other tips/ideas she had for nurturing creativity.

  3. I’ll play! My list of projects just grows and grows, but I finally got something done this week, and I’m almost done another one. Some motivation would be great.

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