A Little Bit of Arm Twisting

We’ve been talking A LOT about next year’s Bethel MOMs committee. And it doesn’t take an expert to predict the two questions that immediately come to mind: What am I going to have to do? And how much of my time is it going to take?

Here’s the good news… You’re already putting in most of the time it would take to be a committee member, just by showing up + participating on Thursday mornings.

  • We meet 4 or 5 times a year to plan sessions and ensure the MOMs program continues to run smoothly
  • Other than our meetings, communication between committee members happens mostly by email
  • Committee members pitch in to help Thursday morning sessions run more smoothly – coming a little early, or staying a little late, or coordinating with guest speakers

Every committee member also has a list of unique responsibilities that they’ve taken charge of, and these roles are determined mostly by interest. Our immediate need is for an additional caregiver coordinator, but if that’s not your thing, please don’t let it stop you from volunteering – trust me, we’ll find you something to do!

If that sounds busy, don’t be scared. We’re a team. And we’re all moms – we totally get it if your kids get sick or life just gets a little bit crazy. We cover for each other.

Last year at this time, I was hearing this same information and I definitely hesitated to volunteer… I was worried about how I’d find the time and the energy to be able to help – and to be able to do a good job. But I signed up. And I’m so happy that I did.

Being part of this committee has really enriched my involvement with this MOMs group. It’s fun to be a part of brainstorming session ideas and coming up with new ideas. And it’s been awesome to get to know some of our MOMs better.

I’m excited to be helping out again next year. And I’m (obviously) not above a little bit of arm-twisting to help encourage some of you to join us. So you should sign up.

– Lindsay


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