Wrap-Up: Inhale, Exhale

This morning we blissed out with yoga instructor Kathy Pankratz as she led us through a yoga class geared towards moms and yoga newbies. From my perspective as a yoga fanatic, I thought it was great. From the conversation around the room afterwards, I think that other people felt the same way.

Before we got into yoga, Becca led us in a discussion on the spiritual side of yoga and how we fit that into our Christian beliefs. Most of us agreed that we either use the time during practice for prayer, or just focus on the relaxation aspect.

At the end of the session, we discussed resources. Here are a few:

Yoga cards, helpful for setting up a home practice involving your kids or just for yourself (I have some, and they’re easier to follow than a book)

-the Winnipeg Yoga Centre, where Kathy teaches

Yoga Journal magazine online, home to lots of great resources (I read the magazine and use the website – very helpful. They also have an iPod/iPhone app and a podcast, for gadget types)

-one other tip: the lululemon athletica store in Polo Park has a bulletin board in the middle of the store with a list of yoga classes in the city – they have business cards and lots of info. They also have free yoga classes on Sunday mornings (during church time, of course, but if you happen to have church at a different time you could go check them out!)


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