Wrap-Up: Coffee Talk

What happens when you put a group of moms in a room and tell them to start talking? The time goes flying past and you realize that you’re not crazy after all, of course!

We had a great time this morning talking about all manner of things – the frustrations of motherhood and all its aspects, gratitude and our attitudes towards our children, the joys of yoga, going crazy in the winter, and the reasons for getting life insurance. Quite a mix, when it’s in a list like that! Many of us were interested in continuing the life insurance question in a session with a professional – if you weren’t here this morning, please weigh in on whether this sounds good for next year!

Also, here are the references for the two books mentioned this morning – lots of you were interested in them.

Sleepy Little Yoga by Rebecca Whitford & Martina Selway

365 Days of Creative Play by Sheila Ellison & Judith Gray (there are also others in the “365 Days of…” series by the same authors)

Finally, after all the times that yoga popped up around our circle, it’s probably good that our topic next week is yoga!



One thought on “Wrap-Up: Coffee Talk

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