Wrap-Up: Money, God, and Our Kids

This morning we had the opportunity to talk about finances and how we teach our children about them with Dori Zerbe Cornelsen from the Mennonite Foundation of Canada. She started us off by reading us Four Feet, Two Sandals, a picture book about sharing.

We talked about a whole range of really helpful stuff, from God’s role in our finances (hint: it should be large) to how money is a part of our stories and our relationships. We spent a good amount of time talking about our kids and money, and how we teach them about how money works. Some tips that Dori gave us:

  • teach kids about physical currency – plastic gives money no value. Kids need tactical objects.
  • our kids will have their own money stories – how are we influencing them?
  • if we don’t teach them about money, they will learn from other sources.
  • we should recruit grandparents to help us teach kids about generosity, rather than accidentally teaching them that stuff is a substitute for quality time.

Some helpful links:


The book Prodigal Sons and Material Girls, available at the Resource Centre

The Smart Cookies – and their book



As usual, add your thoughts, comments, helpful tips, or links, in the comments!




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