Coming Up: Money Honey

In case the bridal shower games last week didn’t scare you off… Come on Thursday when we’ll talk about MONEY and DEATH!


This week, we are (honestly) excited to welcome Dori Zerbe Cornelson to the circle to discuss a spectrum of financial topics including wills and estate planning.

I’ll be honest… I used to really HATE talking about this stuff. It still makes me a little bit uncomfortable – I like to pretend that my little family will live forever in perfect health + happiness. And so we put it off for far longer than we should have. Finally, my husband and I (like a few other moms from our group) met with Dori to work through all kinds of Big Decisions – and as much as I didn’t want to, it felt AWESOME once we were actually doing it. There’s a really fabulous feeling that comes from knowing that you’ve got a plan. Especially when you’re so totally + completely Type A like me (hehe).

Come ready to learn, discuss, and ask questions. You’ll be glad you came and participated. I promise.

– Lindsay


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