Sneak Peek at Winter 2011!

MOMs doesn’t start again until Thursday, but if you’re the type that just had to peel away one corner of the wrapping paper on Christmas Eve, you can check out a sneak peek at all our upcoming sessions by clicking on ‘Winter Schedule’ at the top of this page.

We have some GREAT stuff planned and you’ll get a chance to meet a bunch of fabulous local women – a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, an artist, and the owner-operator of a cupcake shop – who are sure to leave you inspired.

Which session(s) are you most excited about??

– Lindsay


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Winter 2011!

  1. Who else knows Kal Barteski?!? I know her, too! She was my mentor and the woman who inspired and encouraged me to become a fitness instructor! Looking forward to her session for sure!
    Thanks again for the committee’s hard work at planning another session!

  2. Gina, that’s very cool… I was introduced to Kal through a friend – I haven’t met her in person (yet) but I’ve taken her online course. Not surprised at all that she’s been a motivator in your life… She has definitely been one for me too.

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