Wrap-Up: What’s For Lunch?

This morning, Corinna shared some great tips + ideas to help make lunchtime a little more appealing for toddlers and preschoolers. There was a lot of knowing head nodding going on, so it’s obvious that most of us can relate (or will be able to someday very, very soon).

She shared some tips on getting your child to eat healthy foods:

  • Add fruits and veggies to a smoothie
  • Puree and hide veggies in sauces and other food
  • Get your toddler or preschooler involved in growing a garden, grocery shopping, or meal prep
  • Find songs or books that encourage them to try new things
  • Keep trying… (it can take 10 to 15 tries before they will accept something new)
  • Have a plate of fresh fruit or veggies just before meal time
  • Be a good example
  • Make a ‘one bite’ rule for new things (or try ‘bites by age’ for a meal – they must try one bite for every year old they are)
  • Try one new food paired with a favourite
  • Serve it with a dip
  • Be creative (Corinna showed us how to make ‘spider dogs’ by quartering the ends of a hot dog and boiling or roasting it that way and ‘squid’ by adding uncooked spaghetti into the end of a hot dog chunk and boiling it)
  • If all else fails, LIE (‘Superman LOVES broccoli!’)

We all headed to the kitchen to try our hand at some toddler-friendly bento lunches. Everyone’s lunches were unique, colourful, and fun (and hopefully our kids agreed!). I think we were all surprised to discover how easy the bento lunches were to make.

For more ideas – and some pretty inspiring bento boxes! – be sure to check out:


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