Next Week: What’s For Lunch?

Thanks to everyone who made it out this morning! It was so nice to see a mix of old and new moms. It’s going to be a great year. We know how crazy September can get (and how crazy getting out the door with babies and toddlers and preschoolers in tow can be…) and we appreciate the effort you made to come.

And in that spirit of trying to make our lives just a little bit easier, next week’s session with Corinna is all about making toddler-friendly lunches. Bring along TWO containers (something flat and rectangular would be ideal, but anything will work) and you’ll go home with lunch all ready to go! If you have a couple of fun cookie cutters to bring along, that would be great too. See you on Thursday, September 23.

NOTE: If you’re paying session-by-session, note that next week’s session drop-in fee will be $6. If you’ve paid $25 for the entire Fall Session, you’re covered.


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