See you in three weeks!

Isn’t it incredible how the summer always seems to fly by? Bethel MOMs will be starting up again in just three weeks! Watch for details of our September 16 kickoff coming soon…

In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you’ve been up to this summer. Share your favourite summer highlight in the comments section and we’ll pick a lucky winner at our first meeting on September 16!


7 thoughts on “See you in three weeks!

  1. We had a great summer! Highlights: camping in our new tent trailer 3 times; Hayes and Hudson learning to ride their bikes without training wheels; Marin learning to walk; swimming; spending time at the cabin… now I’m glad to get back into routine! 🙂

      • We went camping at Birds’ Hill Park (great campground, but horrible for mosquitoes at the beginning of July!); Rushing River (Ontario Whiteshell area – amazing scenery & great hiking and biking area); and our very favourite one: SPRUCE WOODS – totally kid friendly, NO mosquitoes, excellent biking and hiking trails, & excellent kid sessions with the camp interpreters!

  2. Ooh, it’s so hard to pick… We had a great summer full of trip to the lake, random little family adventures, even a couple of trips out to Vancouver to visit our family out there.

    My summer highlight was graduating from the University of Victoria. Right after I finished my first degree, I started in a more specialized public relations program. I took some breaks along the way, but I really buckled down after Briony was born and decided it was important to me to finish my last few credits. Finally – EIGHT YEARS and many online courses later – I did it!

    It feels awesome, and it was worth ALL the stress of trying to write papers while holding a cranky teething toddler in my lap.

  3. I loved having our little garden box in our little back yard. It was so much fun watching Avery stare at a catterpiller and having him help with the wattering and weeding and now with some harvesting. Hoping that we have enough to make a little baby food……

  4. We had fun travelling around Manitoba and to Banff with friends from Australia. Though I have to admit it was a bit crazy to travel with 7 kids 6 and under…we felt like we needed a vacation after our vacation!

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